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1.75mm Filament Clip
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Small clip that snap on to spools and holds the end of the filament to prevent it from unraveling. There are several versions, should work with spools from the following suppliers:OctaveUp!Ultimachine3DD
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Ink Injector for 3mm Filament
Dyes the Natural PLA to the colour you put on the sponge
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Filament holder
Just add a sewing needle or 3D print a long thin cylinder.This is great for spools with small hubs. If your spools have large hubs you may need to print the spacer included, depending on your spools, you may need to adjust the spacer. Keep the center the same size and scale the outer rim as needed for best results.This is for the 1kg or less...
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UP! Roll holder/Filament guide
Roll holder and filament guide that eliminates the need to use an electrically driven filament feeder. Suits UP! 3D Printers.
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Parametric Filament Spool Mk2
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Lately, there have been a lot of spool holders posted on Thingiverse. I promised others on Thingiverse that I'd post this last week. It's been stress-tested for several months now and is ready for primetime.Here is the second version of my original filament...
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Filament Spool Clip for 3 mm and 1.75 mm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Another filament clip! Snaps to the side of the spool and holds the filament against the side wall.Wanted a clip that did not need post processing and would work straight out of the printer (even a bad one).Also i did not want a clip that I would need to thread the...
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XYZ Da Vinci 3D Printer filament cartridge counter resetter FINAL VERSION
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Here it is, the final version. Code-named XYZ999, it now has a cover and a push-switch (as per your wishes) :P. I will put the kit information and diagram at the usual place on Have fun, F3UPDATE: the file named davinciV4b.STL has been modified for the new...
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M3D Filament Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I made this small thing that holds the filament of the M3D to prevent the friction caused by the filament touching the border of the filament hole at the top of the nozzle. Hope it works for you!
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The spider spool (collapsible parametric filament reel holder)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is an openscad rewrite of the clever filament holder by Boardofdenver, now fully parametrized to accomodate any diameter. With the customizer you can tweak all the geometry: thickness, number of arms, segment lengths, angles and so...Here is a video of the thing:...
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Metal "MB" HotEnd for 1.75mm filament
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This thingy made of brass nozzle, stainless barrel (also called thermal barrier), aluminum heater block, aluminum heatsink and aluminum mount plate. Heating element is 6mm x 23mm 40 Watt heater cartridge. Thermistor is pre-glued with GB Weld inside brass hex M-F M3 stud...
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