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Filament spool with aluminum bar
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Another filament spool but this time with aluminum parts.Yes, I love the aluminum and use it often for my works.So I created this project starting from a bar of aluminum 10x10.My intention was to create a filament spool with a variable diameter to fit the different...
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Long Arm for Filament Spool
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This takes advantage of the larger print area on RepRaps by printing the arm as one piece, avoiding the need for a dovetail joint in the middle of the arm, thus also saving material.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Uncomment...
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WT150 Filament Guide improved
This improves the fillament guide of a Weistek WT150 3D Printer.
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Filament spool clip for 3mm IC3D rolls
Just a simple clip to keep your 3mm filament spools in check while not in use. 
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Filament Roll Holder / Bracket
Bracket Designed as a filament roll holder. Bottom piece is 25mm x 75mm x 10mm. The long edge is 140mm long with a single hole for mounting a rod with a screw. The bottom two screws are spaced 1" apart and are 5mm Diameter to give some wiggle room with use with M4 screws. This could also be used as a simple bracket.Filament Roll Holder /...
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Ultimaker 2 sécurité cable & filament guide
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Ultimaker 2 filament guide with ball bearing
- *"Bottom V1.0"* is printed with Support (Everywhere with Lines)Inner diameter of 0.24 mm are drawn largerSupport must be broken, top edge has to be slightly filed- *"Filament guide V1.0"* I have printed with 215 ° and layer height 0.1mmInner diameter of 0.24 mm are drawn largerBall bearings must be pressed fitThe ring at the...
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Printrbot XL Filament holder
We didn't like the bearing based spool holder that was designed into the Printrbot Simple XL Maker so we designed a new one.
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Filament Guide
This is a filament guide I designed and printed for a huge, sealed enclosure I made for my printers and filaments... The project is pretty awesome, check it out...Youtube video of the project:Pages of the project: [1]
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Tension Nut Filament Guide
I added a filament guide, based on my tension nut, so I don't need to worry about the filament looping off the roll on a long unattended print job. The tension nut is tight enough that it doesn't need a screw to hold it in place though you can add one if you need it.The hole has a large fillet on both sides so the filament will pass...
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