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Solidoodle Filament Guide - 3G
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Rev 2Changed the mount to make this a clip-on mount. This holds more secure now. Printed in white, it's on the top of my printer. You may need to view the full sized image to see it.This guide is for the Solidoodle G3 or 3G ... which ever one it is :-P The guide...
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CraftBot 2.3Kg Filament Spoolholder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The Spoolholders of the new CraftBot are fine, but just to small to hold the heavy 2.3 kg filament rolls from RepRapworld.So I made one myself to fit as second filament holder on the CraftBot. It's designed to be printed with a minimum of support structure, that...
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Printrbot Simple Metal Filament guide
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is inspired by a very similar guide I saw here on Thingiverse - I made it so it prints nice without any supports and added some nice smooth edges.Mine turns on the rods which works great for my spool holder, you may want to wrap tape or print at 99% to fix this.
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Lulzbot TAZ 3 / 4 Filament Stand
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Horizontally challenged? Use more vertical space with this 'king of the hill' filament stand. Attach directly to the upper rails of your TAZ... and use a short length of 20mm dowel to bridge between.======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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Quick Change - Easy Filament Guide for Replicator 2
======== SUMMARY =============================================================When it comes to filament changes, I have often found myself fumbling around trying to get the filament into the tiny end of the tube at the back of my Replicator 2. Buy the time I get the filament threaded the print head has often cooled down substantially, making...
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Mini Heavy Duty Printable Filament Spool with Cylinder Bearings
======== SUMMARY =============================================================In my quest to improve the printed mini filament spool holder I combined Thex1138's Wheel with Cylinder Bearings with the hub and voila, printed bearings on a printed spool holder.
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Filament Shelf
======== SUMMARY =============================================================this is a shelf i design that uses3 x 250mm x 200mm stay brackets2 x 16mm x 2000mm curtain rods
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Filament Dust Filter/Cleaner
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A compact, screw together filament cleaner with slots in the side so you can remove it without removing the filament first. Designed for 3mm but 1.75mm filament works just fine too.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================This is made...
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Filament guide for Accessible Wade's Extruder W/Skull
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Our extruder needed to be more hardcore, so we combined Greg Frost's "Guidler", with HPaul's Elvis skull. The Guidler radius was altered for use of 1.75mm filament, and other then looking awesome the skull was added to function as a thumb grip...
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Filament Roller
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Filament Roller.Main Frame:The width you can make as you like,2x Foot (Printed)2x M8 threaded rod (the one in the picture 400mm)4x M8 locknut4x M8 waher (standard)Each filamet place:4x bearings SKF 6084x M8 Washers with larger diameter (30mm)2x spacers (This will be vary...
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