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stacking aid for filament
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Unfortunately, since each manufacturer uses its own spool, the different coils can be unfortunately very poorly stacks The offered adapters provide as Remedy with them can be the different types of coils complicates simple stacking and will fall. This is an ongoing...
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ZYYX Filament Monitor
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The ZYYX Filament Monitor is an open-source add on for the ZYYX 3D Printer!The ZYYX Filament monitor detects filament problems like: tangles, defects and absence of filament.It is a simple solution to a annoying problem and now all our users can take part of this upgrade...
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Printrbot Plus LC double bearing filament guide
======== SUMMARY =============================================================You will need two M8 screews and two 608 bearings. The guide is designed to sit loosely on the axle so it can move when it needs to.This means, the filament needs to be positioned lower than the guide, or it may come off. (See image of my setup in the Gallery)I have used...
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Filament Spool Wall Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================There are definitely a lot of nice spool holders / mounts available but I couldn't find one that met all of the criteria I was looking for:1) Does not require any additional parts (other than wall anchors / screws)2) Works with any size / type of spool without...
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T slot Filament Holder remix
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I did a remix of this Thing 604530. I made it fatter and shorter. It fits a 1kg spool better. I also added a couple little nubs on top to reduce friction.I am using this with my M3D 8020 mounts and braces that you can find here.Mounts
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Filament Cleaner & Clip 1.75mm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A simple device designed to be left on the filament reel that has an inbuilt filament cleaner and clips onto the reel when you are finished with it to stop it getting tangled======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================there is an opening...
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Printable Filament Spool
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A printable filament spool with a standard 32mm centre diameter. 60mm diameter for filament wrap and outer diameter of 120mm. It holds 300-400 grams of filament.After nebbian had some problems with his make [1], I've updated...
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Filament roller for dispensing filament to your printer.
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This filament roller is composed of 2 parts. The top and the bottom. The top takes a standard 608ZZ bearing in the bottom that is used to roll the filament smoothly off. The idea is that you can have 2 rolls on this and switch between them as you need. I haven't...
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Transparent CTC 3D Printer Filament Tube Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I made these for my Transparent Acrylic Case CTC printer that I got from Ebay in February 2014.. it's been a great printer, but it had no place for Filament Tubes to mount..These pieces keep the filament tube farther back and higher than usual which allows the use...
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M2 Filament Guide
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This replaces the default filament guide that comes with the Makergear M2 printer. My filament was kinking and stopping the printer because of all the sideways pull, and this solves that problem.This also helps if you are using FluidDoc's smaller M2 Spool holder (...
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