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Filament dust filter
with this part you can keep clean the filament (no dust inside the extruder) 1,75 or 3 mm on your printer. You can place it everywhere....up to you :-)size D24 x 13mmcut out a little piece of sponge (D20 x 10mm) and put it inside the sponge-holder...make sure that the sponge not opposes friction on the filament
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Mini filament spool and earring carousel stand
This 3D-printable design combines a decorative miniature 3D printer filament spool, and a turning carousel stand for hanging earrings.
Category: 3D PRINTING / Filament
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Filament holder experimental
Holds filament but you will need a rubber band
Category: 3D PRINTING / Filament
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3D filament holder for M3D printer (multiple spools) in Parts
3D filament holder for M3D printer (multiple spools) in Parts
Category: 3D PRINTING / Filament
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M3D Filament Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I made this small thing that holds the filament of the M3D to prevent the friction caused by the filament touching the border of the filament hole at the top of the nozzle. Hope it works for you!
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Filament Clip for 1.75mm
I thought of a new design for filament clips, as the ones I have been using don't seem to stop the filament from getting tangled very well, and also are hard to find sometimes. This one won't let the filament wrap around, and it's hard to miss. Also: branded, because ;-)Let me know if you're interested in a 3mm version.
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Adjustable Loose Filament Spool with 50mm ... Free 3D print model
I wanted to make an adjustable Filament Spool, especially for Faberdashery Filament und without the need to add an extra mount on my printer.The Hole in the Center is the same size as most Filament spools you can buy, and you can use it with loose filament reels from 140 to 300mm in diameter.The 2 Center parts should be fairly easy to seperate.
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Prusa I3 Filament Holder
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Filament Duck - filament spool holder/mount for RepRap spools
------------------------------------------------------------------------------Admin note, this description has not been updated since we added markdown.To update, simply edit the text with at least one change.------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's not that easy to find a solution to make sure the...
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All-in-One Makerbot Filament Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is my design for the Filament Challenge. I used the dimensions that Makerbot gives on their site for the Spool seeing as I don't have access to one. The Base is easily printable, using very little supports and can be used with a peg board or with screws...
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