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UP! Roll holder/Filament guide
Roll holder and filament guide that eliminates the need to use an electrically driven filament feeder. Suits UP! 3D Printers.
Category: 3D PRINTING / Filament
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Ink Injector for 3mm Filament
Dyes the Natural PLA to the colour you put on the sponge
Category: 3D PRINTING / Filament
Tags: 3d
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Filament holder
Just add a sewing needle or 3D print a long thin cylinder.This is great for spools with small hubs. If your spools have large hubs you may need to print the spacer included, depending on your spools, you may need to adjust the spacer. Keep the center the same size and scale the outer rim as needed for best results.This is for the 1kg or less...
Category: 3D PRINTING / Filament
Tags: tools
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Filament guide Micro M3D
I made this to allow the filament to slide smoothly over the Micro M3D and to avoid issues of filament jam, just add a couple of screws at each side and a plastic tube from an old pen.
Category: 3D PRINTING / Filament
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