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EZ-Build 3D printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This low budget, easy to assemble printer uses as many printed parts in all places except forfor the main structure. The use of 20 MM T-slot framing ensures a rigid and sound basis required for making good prints.Keeping in the RepRap fashion, the EZ-Build 3D printer can...
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Z adjustable sainsmart endstop holder for Prusa i3
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This holder is for a sainsmart mechanical endstop mounted on the Ø8 smooth rod.I added two spacers between the endstop and its holder.The screw holder is designed based on my machine but I think it will fit the most Prusa i3 printers.You will need:2x M3x12 screws and 2x...
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Universal Filament Spool Holder for all common sizes
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a filament spool holder designed for different depth of spools =< 1 kg with three different hole sizes (50mm, 52mm & 54mm). It should be used with two standard 608 ball bearings (size = 22x7mm with core 8mm). Please be recommended to print them with...
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prusa i3 j-head bowden mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================this mount is for my prusa i3 update from wade extruder to bowden type extruder. Use 40x40 fan, 4pcs m3 20mm bolts and 4pcs m3 nuts======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * RepRap*Printer: * prusa i3*Rafts: * No*...
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Hesine Prusa i3 17mm Induction Sensor Mount ( LJ18A3-8-Z/BX ) Auto Leveling
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Remove the hex screws and replace with the extra, longer screws that were included with the kit, should be perfect length. (Haven't tested with original hex screws, those may still work)Quick and dirty remix from someone else's design using FreeCAD, will start...
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Hesine Prusa i3 Fan Duct Upgrade (Yes, the chinese one)
======== SUMMARY ============================================================= * Very easy print * HIGHLY Increased airflow to print object * HIGHLY Reduced fan resistance * Full 360 air coverageStay tuned for more parts for this printer!Will post printed photos later as well as a before and after for the fan.======== PRINT SETTINGS...
Category: 3D PRINTING / Prusa
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Z End Stop Trigger Adjustment for Prusa i3
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I was tired of how the end stops worked on my folgertech prusa i3 2020, so I came up with this little piece to help out. Instead of having to move the whole end stop on the z axis up or down slightly through many trial and error attempts to get the end stop the the...
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Folgertech 2020 Holder for Taulman Bridge Spools
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The Taulman Bridge spools come with an unusually small hole, which won't fit the 2020 bar used as the spool holder on Folgertech Prusa i3 2020's, so I made this smaller arm that can fit below the normal arm. If you position it right below where a normal spool...
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40mm Fan Duct for Prusa i3 Rework & E3D V6
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Simple 40mm fan duct designed to fit on an i3 Rework extruder body with an E3D V6 hotend. I attached the fan by threading wood screws into the plastic.
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Yuxel 3D Printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Material List:Shafts and Bearings• 330mm 8mm Shaft X 2• 350mm 8mm Shaft X 2• 280mm 6mm Shaft X 1• 275mm 6mm Shaft X 1• 335mm 12mm Shaft X 2• 300MM T8 Lead Screw X 1• LMEK12UU X 2• 688zz...
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