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Prusa i3 Z axis mount for optical endstop
i created this as i was having repeat-ability problems when homing the Z axis on my i3 which was using mechanical end stops, 0.1-0.3mm difference in home position doesn't really matter on the X and Y axis as the firmware only uses that as it's 0 point, but that same margin can make or break a print on the Z axis due to the first layer...
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Prusa i3 dual spool holders
These spool holders along with my other parts are my complete mounting setup for a dual bowden e3d v6 extruder setup.dual e3dv6 extruder mount and print cooling shroud > https://pinshape.com/items/5661-3d-printed-prusa-i3-dual-e3dv6-bowden-mount-and-print-cooler-shroudbowden stepper mounts and filament guide >  https://pinshape.com/items/...
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Fan shroud for Prusa i3 with MK8 extruder
i had to design this shroud as any of the existing ones it wouldn't fit my Prusa I3 due to it being too wide for my setup and hitting the x axis smooth rods, i have also added some internal fins to direct the airflow better towards the bottom. This is the second and final version of this shroud, the changes i made are to extend the air outlet...
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Prusa i3 bed leveling assist tool
i created these to make bed leveling on my i3 easier, these clip to the z axis rods and are used as a guide to level the bed, this makes it much easier imo.
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Prusa i3 dual e3dV6 bowden, mount and print cooler shroud
this is a set of mounts and a print cooling shroud for a dual e3d v6 setup, the upper parts for this setup (dual stepper mounts and filament guide) can be found here >> https://pinshape.com/items/5660-3d-printed-prusa-i3-dual-bowden-stepper-motor-mounts-and-filament-guide and i've uploaded my dual spool holders here >> https://...
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Reprap Prusa i3 Z-Axis Sensor Mounter 2
Slot type optical switch, z axis-adjusting blade & Mounting stay.M3 35-40mm hexagon socket head cap screw x1M3 Nut x 3New kaizen version ; )スロットタイプのオプティカルエンドストップ用、Z軸マウントステーです。使用するにはM3ボルト 35-40mmの全ネジキャップボルト(六角穴付きボルト)が1本必要です。またM3ナットも3個必要です。一番新しいファイルはkaizen(改善)バージョンです。
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Wall mount spool holder for filament 3D print model
The easiest way to store your 3D filament. Print this strong wall mount that can be mounted with 4 or 6 screws. Ideal tube diameter is 22mm, but a bit smaller or bigger wil fit as well. Prints 100% supportless.
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Tiny Kossel 3D printer model
I can’t afford a 3D printer so I made a microscopic one.This is a non-functioning 108mm tall model of the Kossel RepRap 3D printer. I deleted, simplified, reinforced and then shrunk all the 100’s of individual parts of the 3D printer assembly into one part.
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Wall mount spool holder for filament
A wall mount for filament. Can be mounted with 4 or 6 screws. Ideal tube diameter is 22mm, but a bit smaller or bigger wil fit as well.  Don’t forget to “Like” and leave a comment. Tell your friends about this design if you’r happy with it.
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Prusa i3 Hot end vent fan grill 40mm
Nice protective grill for the hot end fan for most 40mm by 40mm fans used especially on Prusa I3 and many other similar fans.No support material required.Dimensions: 40mm  x  40mm x  5mm
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