Robotic Hand

Good news for all the athletes who have lost a hand.

The Youbionic 3D printed robotic prosthetic hand is finally available for order on Youbionic website. Thanks to Federico Ciccarese who founded the company two years ago and began developing this robotic hand, it's an electronically controlled prosthetic hand.




1. Customers can visualize architectural designs better

The architectural  models obtained using a 3d printer are detailed and are perfect for give an idea of the final result.

2. Reduce time and money for creating architectural scale models

"Adidas Triple Black Rio 2016" 3d printable shoes for Olympic games

Adidas gives a pair of shoes, printed with 3d technology, to every Olympic medalist that use Adidas equipment.
Adidas gives the "Triple Black" Futurecraft to all Adidas athletes who win medals at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The shoes are available in three different color: gold, silver and bronze, one for each kind of medal.

Seiko Xchanger sport glasses made with 3d printer

Xchanger Eyewear Collection is the new glasses collection for sport, resistant glasses made with 3d printing technology designed for all athletes. These glasses made with 3d printing are becoming more common, and sports eyewear with their load of problems related to perspiration may have found a solution with what we have seen this month in Paris to 'Silmo Optical Fair, a new collection of spor

Melbourne St. Vincent's Hospital began 3d bio-manufacturing and testing results on animals

St. Vincent's Hospital researchers of Melbourne and the University of Wollongong have developed the technology and started testing the biofabbricazione unit on animals. Reproducing skin, cartilage, arteries and valves cardiache.

Catterbox: 3d printed collar which allows your cat to talk

You can give your cat a human voice with Temptations Catterbox speaker collar printed with 3d technology. The owners of cats around the world know, communicate with this pet can be particularly difficult. Do you know that he or she wants something when mews, but what exactly? Fortunately, the solution is coming.

Curve Appeal - the first curve house that will be printed with a 3d printer

The Chicago WATG Urban Architecture presents "Curve Appeal" that will be the first non-modular house made with 3d printing or the first house made with non-straight panels printed with 3d technology.

Partnership between New Balance and 3d System

New Balance is ready to offer the public the sports shoes printed in 3D. Already in 2013 New Balance has begun 3D printing experience to create soles that improve the speed and performance of athletes. In 2013 they have been created only a few samples to pave the way towards mass production.