Add Aipos3d tool on your site

What is the Aipos3d SearchBar?

If you want to have a search engine for 3d printable models inside your website, you can use our search bar that you can add quickly using the HTML code below.

This is a fast alternative to provide a 3d printable models search service also to your users.

Add now the Aipos3d SearchBar and improve your website with us!!

This is the HTML code that you have to add to your page:

<!-- Aipos3D Search Engine Code BEGIN - Copy & Paste this into your web site -->

<iframe style='float: left;' frameborder='0' height='54px' width='450px' scrolling='no' src='' allowfullscreen></iframe>

<a style="text-align:left; float: left; font-size:9px;" href="">Powered by AIPOD3D</a>

<!-- Aipos3D Search Engine Code END -->

This is the preview of the Aipos3D Search Bar on your website:

Aipos3d Searchbar