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Tags: pi
This is a complete case for Banana Pi, featuring a design that allow passive cooling of main chips on board.It was foreseen to be made by milling and erosion from aluminium based material for best thermal capacities. To reduce material waste it has a copper insert.It can be also 3D printed, after few small modifications.
This model shows the *Terran Marine action figure* in idle position. Holding his C-14 Gaus Rifle close to his powered armor suit, the Marine is in standby mode, awaiting instructions. This accurately designed 3D model complements the Terran Marine with the rifle pointed up [1]. Print them and gather your own infantry [2] of Terran Marines.  Terran...
Kanopi is a 510 Drip Tip for youe Ecig. Can you imagine the envy at the next vapefest? Please, use only a food grade filament!
Terminator skull is an ideal collectible for all movie fans and is Skynet’s first successful infiltrator unit capable of infiltrating the resistance.Taken from the classic 80’s film
Please watch this video for more information: [1]The survey for my next project has been closed. I'll have a video posted shortly detailing the winner and my plans to create it!This is a 3D Printed R2D2 powered with an Arduino. I started outsketching things on note cards, after that I looked up a bunch...
I added a new version of this model. i think its much better but see for yourself. HINT FOR AUTODESK INVENTOR: Set visual style to realistic with or without ray tracing (doesn't matter). But not shaded or something.ATTENTION: In the new stl, igs and stp-files the glas is possibly not transparent. I don't know how to fix that problem but...
About two or three times a year I get to take a personal retreat into nature. Last October while hiking I came upon a large natural pond. With no wind and no mind, the surface of the water was perfectly still, looking like a silver mirror.All at once, an unexpected torrent of rain came down and punctured the surface with a billion little ripples....
This amp is very simple to make and fun to use. Its also a great travel amp. hope you have fun building!Follow diagram for setting up circuit board and solder all wires in place.
Coarse molecular surfaces generated for every chain using ePMV in Cinema 4D, and colored according to symmetry-unique trimers.
The Thin man is desktop character figures of 2mm thickness. Please use as desktop figurine.standing : no need support partsclimbing : no need support partslying : need support partssitting : need support parts.
This is a battery box designed as a module in OpenSCAD, that allows you to make a holder for 1 to as many as you like (or your OpenSCAD installation will want to compile) I needed a battery holder that could be screw mounted on a little robot and decided to design one that could be 3D printed. I have put comments in the OpenSCAD code, so if you...
SPHINX napkin holder
Ancient Egypt’s mythical creature – the SPHINX – now as a napkin holder.
Iphone 6 Plus Case design inspired by beautiful flowers. The design has been prototyped and physically tested to guarantee your Iphone comfortably fitted in the 3d printed case.
Tags: bookend
Try our unlimited prints on Our painter bookend MANOSH will keep your books looking awesome in between his ladders.
Inspired by Aruino design and the iPhone Bumper, I present to you the Arduino Bumper!By installing this minimalist case, it allows the Arduino to be placed onto a flat conductive surface without shorting it out.The bumper press fits onto the Arduino Uno and Leonardo. Recessed grooves located under where the Arduino pins sit allow the back of the...
Anime Figure Sexy Girl STL 3D print model. Anime Figure Sexy Girl Scale 1/7 (16.57CM). File are seperate to part and created joint 4 parts: 1.Front hair part, 2.Back hair part, 3. Face part 4. Body part no base , Body part with base Height 16.3 CM with base, Model is STL file format and Ready to 3D Printing (None Errors) Model are Decimationed...
This golfing set consists of a divot fixer, and a golf tee. The divot fixer has an opening designed to fit a dime coin. This dime can then be used as a ball marker. M-1047
Below is a file download and overview for a 3D model of Pichu. Check you’ve got the right model by checking out the images, and if so, hit the download button below to download all available models as .obj, .x, .stl/.blend in one handy .zip
Oh Honey Bracelet was modeled in rhino using grasshopper.Inner diameter is equal to 68 mm for an average wrist.If you like it, please share your images and experiences!L O V E S M I L E S H A P P Y N E S S SS U C M U C
3D Printed Eiffel Tower.Print time: 6 hours and 30 minutes at 300 microns.Dimensions: 130mm x 130mm x 340mm.Weight: 90 grams.Printing tips: Raft and/or supports not required.
A GoPro camera mount for the small diameter Cannondale Synapse 25.4 mm seatpost.  Uses two 6/32 x 1/2 in screws and nuts to secure to the seatpost and a standard GoPro nut and thumb screw for the camera attachment point.Printed with the following settings to obtain a strong, but light (10g), mount:- ABS- 40% infill- 0.8 mm shell- 0.6 mm base- Brim...
I upgraded my Rostock Max V1 to V2, but bought only the laser cut parts, so, I needed the missing parts, among them, the LCD cover.
Fractals Light Shade.Size: 130x130x130mmWall Thickness: 1.5mm exactly. Base opening: 30mm for a LED or 40w bulb.
Tags: lane
Printable Mesh of a 1951 Iota Sport 350 - this was scanned at Lane Motor Museum.  This will be somewhat challenging to print with rolling wheels since the rear wheels come so close to the rear bodywork.  Very interesting and tiny car!
]It is time for Litten to take center stage as my model of the week. This is a small 3D printed figure of Litten, the Fire type starter from the new Pokémon games Sun & Moon.I created this model in Fusion 360 using their sculpting tools. This was only my second model created using these tools. This took about 8-10 hours to model and another 6...
PL1Q Vampire, the 3d printable quadcopter. I have now uploaded a new version the PL2Q Hugin Most parts should be backwards compatible with the PL1Q with some modifications.. if you already printed a PL1Q and want to use the stuff like the gopro camera mount etc.. Download, Print, Build, Fly! But isn...
For my Lenovo X60 tablet laptop I bought a new battery (manufacturer Patona) with his mounted rubber feet was unfortunately not as good as the orginal battery. The rubber feet are also disposed of after 14 days. This clip is inserted at the side of the battery and on the underside I glued a non-slip rubber, the problem is solved. The laptop is...
Main battle tank produced in the United States (obj file). M1 Abrams Tank Detailed Model Kit Model Scale 1/100. Recommended settings (high quality): Layer height: 0.1 mm
assemblable modelThis design is protected under International Law through a "BY-NC-ND: Attribution - non-commercial -no derivatives" Creative Commons License. That means that purchasers cannot distri bute or sell, neither the digital design nor the printed items made from the design. Buying this design gives you a non-exclusive agreement...
Double Snake Head Ring Model can be size and scaled, Finger Size: 7, File type: .STL Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns. For more visit,
This drone shell inspired by Star wars was designed to fit onto a HUBSAN X4 H107 Quadcopter [1]. A cheap simple to operate drone. The shell is 0.5mm thin which allows it to be light weight and flex when the drop impacts something. A high detailed version shall be added to the collection soon[1]
Catapult EL
Tags: catapult
This is a working catapult. After printing you will need to assemble the drum and put the dowel in the drum and upright. Then attach string to the two vertical end post and back to the drum and tie off on the pegs in the drum. The other L shaped piece attaches thru the hole in the bottom pail and rests against the gear. You use the catapult to...
Tags: not found
An unique Espresso Cup with organic shapes and fluid lines, exploring the possibilities of 3D printing.A 3D Printed model is now available here : [1][1]
On April 25, 1990, astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery deployed the Hubble Space Telescope into Earth orbit, and launched a new era of astronomical discovery. Now, 25 years later, we celebrate a remarkable milestone for a space observatory whose ground-breaking investigations have brought revolutionary changes in our understanding from...
It’s official, I’m a nerd. I love playing first person shooters and I thought I would try to 3D print some control pads out of Ninjaflex. I love these things and use them all the time now. If you have normal to large size hands, these things feel much better than the standard Xbox joysticks. There are two pieces that need to be attached to each...
Ever wanted to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton? Well now you can! This is a full sized version of a Fender Stratocaster body that you can make on your CNC router or if you have a big enough 3D printer you could even print it. 


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